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Lavender Bat Amigurumi – Ami Moon

Lavender Bat Amigurumi


Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

Lavender purple bat amigurumi plush with a silver moon gem and silver heart with the word “Witch” on it.

This crochet bat is made from 100% polyester yarn, polyester fiberfill, glue, and safety eyes.

✿ STOCK: 1

✿ Color:
Lavender with a silver moon and charm.

✿ Size:
Approx. 9″/22.86cm tall and 8″/20.32cm wide




✿ Note: The charm necklace is tied with a piece of yarn. It is removable. This is not a toy and shouldn’t be given to children under 3 due to its small parts.




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